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Scotland Forbids Nurses To Use 'Mum' Or 'Dad' In Health Care

Scotland Forbids Nurses To Use
'Mum' Or 'Dad' In Health Care

December 8, 2006 - The Daily Mail of London (Dec. 3, 2006) reported on a new policy booklet from the National Health Service that forbids nurses from using terms such as "Mum," "Dad," "husband," "wife," or "married" under new "anti-homophobia" rules.

The report, "Good LGBT Practice In the NHS," tells nurses that they must use terms like "guardian" or "carer" when referring to parents in order not to offend homosexual parents.

The report was produced in collaboration with a gay group known as Stonewall and was funded by the Scottish Executive.

It warns health care workers that they face disciplinary action if they fail to comply. It says, "Resources will be expended on conflict if there is resistance to required change."

The booklet notes: "Many remarks made by people that appear to be harmless or throwaway may assume only opposite-sex relationships are valid. This is demeaning for LGBT people and they may fear a negative reaction if the assumptions are challenged ... LGBT people can and do have children - sexual orientation or gender identity has nothing to do with good parenting or good child care."




O BOZE MOJ ..... zar je moguce da ljudska glupost moze doci do ove tacke..... UZAS!!!!!!!!! ....

Comment by dmc (12/12/2006 01:05)

odgovor [Odgovori]

Prvo, ako zele da imaju decu neka ih naprave.
Drugo, ne mogu da se porede sa heteroseksualnim parovima koji nemogu iz objektivnih razloga da imaju decu, pa ih zato usvajaju.

Comment by doktor (12/12/2006 08:46)

Good job done [Odgovori]

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